Otsego Dental Savings Plan

No Insurance?

No problem with our Dental Savings Plan

Are you tired of paying for dental insurance you never use? With the Otsego Dental Savings Plan, you pay no maximums and no deductibles, just one low annual fee. The Savings Plan is perfect for people without dental insurance, those who think they’re paying way too much for dental insurance, those who are losing their dental insurance, retired people who still need dental care, and anyone else who’s looking to save money on dental care.

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How It Works

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Adults $339

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Children $289

For one low annual fee, Savings Plan members receive two periodic exams, two cleanings, two fluoride treatments, four bitewing X-rays, and one full-mouth series of X-rays (one every five years). You also receive 15% off all additional treatments, including implants ($580 savings) and crowns ($240 savings).

Our Savings Plan makes getting dental care easy and hassle-free without dealing with insurance premiums and deductibles.

A Savings Plan that’s Easy to Understand

  • Low Annual Fee
  • Little Paperwork
  • No Monthly Premiums
  • No Pre-Authorization
  • No Maximums
  • All Services Discounted!

Save Money On




Root Canals




And More!

The Savings Plan duration is one full year, starting on the registration date. Savings Plan members cannot use any other dental coverage or discount with this plan. All required fees are due the day of the service. The Savings Plan is only available at Otsego Dental. The plan does not apply to workmen’s compensation.