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Have you experienced the loss of one or more teeth or have a tooth that can’t be restored? If so, Hybridge Dental Implants may be a great option that allows you to eat, smile, and feel confident about your teeth once and for all.

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The Benefits of Hybridge® Dental Implants

  • Leave with new, natural-looking teeth the same day
  • Permanently fixed and function like real teeth
  • Cost-effective solution with durable, biocompatible titanium construction
  • The success rate is 95% for healthy, functioning implants lasting 10+ years
  • Final definitive restoration is achieved in as little as two weeks

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Why Choose Otsego Dental

Certified Hybridge Dental Implant Doctor

Certified Hybridge
Dental Implant Doctor

Dr. Sheils is one of Minnesota’s top-rated dentists who’s committed to helping his patients achieve their best dental health with individualized Hybridge Dental Implant solutions.

Over 50 Years in the Dental Business

Over 50 Years in Business Creating Happy & Healthy Smiles

Otsego Dental has set the standard for comprehensive dental care in the Minneapolis metro area for several decades.

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No Insurance?
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Save over $500 on implants with our unique Dental Savings Plan for those without dental insurance.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Combining the latest advances in micro-dentistry and periodontal craftsmanship, dental implants, also known as endosseous root-form implants, are the strongest, most permanent solution for missing teeth.

Dental implants are similar in shape and size to a natural tooth root and are typically made of titanium for its strength and ability to fuse to bone over time. The process of the bone fusing to the implant’s surface is called osseointegration. The bone cells attach themselves to the implant during this period of healing. Dental implants are ideal for patients who have missing or compromised teeth due to periodontal disease, decay, injury, or for those who have congenitally missing teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire upper and lower jaw of teeth. Our practice uses Hybridge Dental Implant Restorations that are developed in the U.S.A with precision technology and craftsmanship to maximize both function and esthetics. These implants are durable, biocompatible, and made from titanium, the most widely used material in implant dentistry.

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What to Expect During the Dental Implant Treatment Process

Before we move forward with placing a dental implant, we like our patients to have a comprehensive exam and cleaning. The importance of these two steps is critical in the treatment plan process to ensure the overall success of the procedure. After patients are up to date on their dental care, here is what you can expect:

Here’s what you could expect with the Hybridge Full Mouth Restoration process

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Implant Planning Appointment

We first take a CT scan to assess the bone levels where the implant will be placed. Dr. Sheils will determine the specific size of the implant needed. If there is not enough bone available, it may be necessary to add bone grafting material, which typically consists of mineralized, freeze-dried bone that will heal and transform into newly grown bone.

Day of Implant Surgery

This appointment takes approximately 90 minutes (or more for a full-mouth bridge) and is usually performed with a local anesthetic. Dr. Sheils will surgically place your custom titanium implant post, as well as a healing cap to protect and promote bone and implant fusion. Modern technology allows for the exact positioning of implants with the help of computer-assisted dental planning software and surgical guides.

Check Healing Appointments

Typically, our patients have two appointments a week apart to check the healing of the implant.

Impression for Implant Crown or Bridge Appointment

This appointment is scheduled for 3–4 months after the initial placement of your dental implant. Dr. Sheils will take an impression and send that to our dental lab, where they will make your crown or bridge.

Placement of Implant Crown or Bridge

Two weeks after your impression appointment, we schedule you for your final appointment, where you will leave with a natural-looking tooth or set of teeth called an implant crown or bridge. An abutment will be attached to the implant, and the final crown or bridge cemented to the abutment.

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